The Österlen flag

Österlen is an area of plains and forests in the south east of Skåne, southern Sweden, without a clear border. The area is characterised by natural beauty, arable land, a low degree of urbanisation and picturesque coastal villages. The biggest town in Österlen is Simrishamn, closely followed by Tomelilla.

The name Österlen was introduced by the editor of Cimbrishamns-Bladet, John Osterman and the writer Theodor Tufvesson, after having been commissioned to produce a tourist brochure for the area. The brochure with the title "Till Österlen vill jag fara" [I want to travel to Österlen], was published for the first time in 1929, and it is around this time that the name Österlen comes into parlance.

Today it includes the municipalities of Tomelilla and Simrishamn as well as parts of Ystad municipality but estate agents are tourist brochures sometimes give the term Österlen a wider meaning. Thus, there is no exact border.

The green cross of the flag symbolises the green landscape of Österlen.

The flag is a combination of the flags of Skåne and Bornholm.

Frontage set approx. 1,2 metre

Is delivered complete, fully assembled in store packaging. Unfadable flag 70x44 made of 100 % polyester with double seams

in all hems, white lacquered metal pole, flag stretcher, yellow top ball and wall mount with 60° angle.

The packaging features a photo displaying the flag unfolded.

Ribbon streamers

The streamers are made of 100% strong and durable polyester, suitable for our harsh Nordic climate. All streamers are reinforced with polyester ribbons in the spine of the flag and double seams in all hems with extra reinforcement in the corners. The streamers are equipped with quick releases in order to facilitate change. The base breadth of the streamer is 50 cm (22 cm in the end) and comes in the lengths 300 cm and 400 cm.

An important factor for best quality of the streamer is the choice of thread. Thread and flag weave must harmonise. The thread must be elastic and stronger than the woven threads of the flag weave.

The sewing is paramount for the total life span of the streamer. We sew our streamers with double seams in all hems, four seams in the wear and tear surface of the streamer and with extra reinforced seams in the outer part of the streamer.